October Donor Spotlight: Lease Crutcher Lewis


Within the communities we serve, remarkable companies and their employees join in our vision of health and housing for all.

This month, we are thrilled to spotlight Lease Crutcher Lewis (Lewis), a dedicated supporter and community partner of Bridges to Change. Lewis has been an essential part of building the communities you see today across Oregon and Washington. Founded in 1886, they are still thriving because their employee-owners are focused on understanding their clients and building buildings that matter to our community.

Lewis has been building throughout the Pacific Northwest for 137 years with an established presence ranging from Vancouver, British Columbia to Eugene, Oregon. At Lewis, they pride themselves on being a regionally focused contractor with offices in Portland, Eugene and Seattle.

Lewis has been invested in helping out in any way they can to support people on their path to recovery. Their efforts create hope within the communities Bridges to Change serves.

This year, Lease Crutcher Lewis employees teamed together to do a hygiene drive. The outpouring of support resulted in enough items to help hundreds of people receive essential items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant.

Oregon Lease Crutcher Lewis President, Tony Stewart said, “I loved the combination of donating to Bridges to Change along with spirited competition within our Lewis teams. Best of both worlds – making a difference in our community through the actions of our people!”

Soap, dental floss, a toothbrush, are all things that can easily be taken for granted, until you don’t have them. Having these essential hygiene items can make all the difference in how you feel, and become a critical essential to staying healthy.

Thank you, Lease Crutcher Lewis, for your impact and all the support you show us at Bridges to Change!

We invite you to learn more about Lease Crutcher Lewis at https://lewisbuilds.com/

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